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Body oil massage

Four hands massage

Traditional TZ massage where we use the best quality original TZ Virgin coconut oil,enriched with Avocados & Macadamia with a comforting scent at sweet Vanilla and soothing lavender,which will help calm the mind as well as the body for a Spa – Worthy experience. We proudly adore what nature gives through Virgin coconut oil.It contains all essential vitamins and fatty acids making it the richest skin care oil on earth.

The deep tissue massage shares a lot of similarity with Tanzanian massage.It is a bit different because it involves the application of deeper pressure on the tensed muscle,one of the benefits it provides is the release of chronic muscle tension.It focuses on the deepest layer of the muscle tissue

Best Point Hotel, we are very proud of our highly trained staff for massage centre and professionally trained team in our Hotel, we will make you feel fully refreshed after the best massage in our Hotel
► All massage service will be done under a relaxing music and a private room where you will be freely relaxed.

► We are confident that we always offer you the best African massage in Best Point Hotel at affordable prices.

► We care for our Customers, we provide the best massage services in Dar es salaam City Tanzania.

► The difference is commitment, commitment to provide the most innovative current treatments at the highest level, our service include massage therapy, advanced skin care using quality beauty products.

► We promise that once you try our services you will not regret.

► Please call +255 674 889 886    |  +255 766 835148 and schedule an appointment.

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